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4 signs it’s time to go digital with your accounts

Business, Environment - 17/02/2022

‘Do I really need to go digital?’ ‘Will it really make a difference?’ ‘I’m doing fine without it, is it worth the investment?’ We’ve heard it all before.

The truth is, putting off digitalisation may be holding your business back more than you think. You may be used to the way you’re running things, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t quicker, more efficient solutions out there. And going digital with your accounts might be one of them.

If you’re still unsure, we’re going through 4 tell-tale signs you need to go digital with your accounts. 

Mistakes keep cropping up

Did you know that 9 out of 10 spreadsheets (88%) contain errors? If you’re relying on Excel or other spreadsheets to keep on top of your accounts, there’s a lot of room for mistakes.

That’s not to say you’re doing a poor job. But think about all of the data you have to enter into one spreadsheet: the date, client name, amounts, invoice numbers. You get the idea. It’s easy for human error to happen, which can lead to some pretty damaging consequences. 

Paperwork overload

If your accounts aren’t digital, there’s A LOT of paperwork involved. Expense bills, invoice payments, payroll, just to name a few. 

Even the most immaculate filing systems can be difficult to manage. Not to mention the amount of storage space it takes up too. 

If paperwork is starting to clutter the office, it might be time to think about going digital. It’s quicker, more secure, and much better for the environment as well.

You can’t stay organised

It’s not just the paperwork that’s difficult to keep organised. Without the automated processes you get from digital bookkeeping, it takes a lot of time and effort to stay on top of your accounts. 

Making sure everything is filed correctly, stored securely, entered accurately. It can eat up a lot of valuable time you should be spending on other aspects of your business. 

You’re worried about security

In this day and age, a padlock and a trusty filing cabinet just isn’t the best way to keep important files and documents secure. 

If your files are stored away physically, they’re at a much higher risk of being damaged. Playing devil’s advocate, what if there’s a flood or a fire in your office and all the paperwork is destroyed? It’s not nice to think about, but it’s still a possibility. If the only copies of your files are destroyed, there’s not much you can do to get them back. With digital copies, your files don’t face the same risk. 

It’s a better way to protect your files from being stolen too. Digital or cloud-based accounting methods allow you to hide confidential information and sensitive data behind passwords and security codes.

Need help going digital?

If you still have concerns, the best thing to do is speak to an expert. At Numero, we specialise in a number of accounts management softwares to help move your business forward. 

Let’s work together to make your transition to digital accounts as smooth as possible. Get in touch with us today.

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