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Legal Cashiering for New Law Firms and Startups

Establishing credibility and building a positive reputation can be challenging enough for new law firms…

By outsourcing your legal cashiering to Numero, you’ll free up time to focus on doing what you do best, like offering legal services and building client relationships. Plus, you’ll avoid the costs associated with hiring and training in-house staff, and investing in technology and infrastructure while you get your law firm off the ground.

Time and money are a precious resource for startups, and effective management is key.

Leave the numbers to the experts and outsource your legal cashiering to Numero – for affordable, flexible services that work with startups, not against them.

Set your law firm up for long-term success.

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What’s involved

Are you a new law firm looking for help with your legal cashiering? Team up with Numero and unlock these fantastic benefits…

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Cost savings

Save on unnecessary expenses and allocate resources where they matter most thanks to our flexible plans. We tailor our offering to you so that you only pay for the services that are essential to your firm’s success.

Financial clarity

Proper financial management is crucial to the survival and growth of your new business. We update your accounts daily to give you clear, reliable financial records that will help you stay in the know as your law firm finds its feet.

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Compliance management

Navigating the complex landscapes of legal and financial compliance can be daunting for new law firms. Outsource your legal cashiering to Numero and you won’t have to worry – because we’ve got compliance covered!

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Dedicated support

Call your dedicated cashier whenever you need them, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. You get better, more consistent support compared to an in-house cashier who only visits once or twice a month!

Scalable services

Our expert legal cashiers can adapt to your changing needs as your law firm grows, which means you won’t need to find another cashiering solution later down the line. We can simply adjust our services to your expansion!

Why does my new law firm need a legal cashier?

Don’t overlook the importance of having a legal cashier from day one.

Legal cashiers should be an essential component of your startup strategy. Yes, they handle the numbers, but their value goes far beyond that…

Legal cashiers keep your financial records in order to help you build up client trust, and they remove the stress of compliance so that you can do things by the book and make sure your law firm is built to last.

Time and money are gold for new businesses, and juggling legal work with the admin side can be a real challenge. An outsourced legal cashier will handle the numbers to make your startup journey smoother. Plus, outsourcing means you save on office space, recruitment, training, salary, pension, and tax expenses, which are all associated with bringing the role in-house.

Legal Cashiering
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What does a partnership with Numero look like?

When you partner with Numero as a newly established law firm, we’ll grow with you.

We’re recommended by market leaders LEAP and Action Step, and we can work with any other CMS or accounts software, including Xero, Insight Legal and Law Fusion. If you’re unsure about which system is best for your startup, we can help you choose a user-friendly, scalable and secure solution by assessing your specific needs and budget constraints.

We’re equipped to handle all of your legal cashiering needs, from processing transactions and conducting bank reconciliations to generating financial reports. We can even take over your client billing and invoicing and handle your expenses if you need us to!

Beyond that, we’ll also advise on compliance with the rules set by regulatory bodies like the SRA, CLC, AAT and HMRC .

You’ll be paired with a dedicated primary cashier who’ll manage your daily accounts, as well as a secondary cashier who’ll step in when your primary cashier is on annual leave. This means you get continuous support Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

So what are you waiting for? Outsource your legal cashiering to Numero today and turn your startup law firm into a long-term success.

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