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The smart and efficient way to manage your firm’s everyday business accounts

When you work with Numero, your business gets all of the benefits of an in-house accounts team, without the hassle.

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Legal Cashiering

Part time or full time, you’ll get a team dedicated to handling your firm’s day-to-day business transactions, fluidly and efficiently.

Want to know more about how our outsourced cashiers can fit the needs of your business?

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Whether it’s ensuring a healthy cash flow or providing timely reporting, we’ll provide your business with AAT qualified bookkeepers that you can rely on.

Find out how outsourcing your bookkeeping can keep your business ahead of the curve.

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Data Conversion & Training

If you’re planning to change your business accounts software, we can help you transfer your data without a hitch. We’ll even provide the training you need.

Get ready to understand the full capabilities of your accounting software with Numero.

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General FAQs

We offer three core outsourced accounting services at Numero: legal cashiering, bookkeeping, and data conversion and training. Part time or full time, you’ll get a cashier dedicated to handling your accounts. Plus, we can help you to change your software or transfer your data without a hitch! We also offer temporary cashiering cover to help cover holidays, maternity leave and other absences.

We’re a recommended cashiering provider for LEAP and we work with as many as 18 other CMS and accounts software packages. These include Xero, Law Fusion, Proclaim, Action Step, Osprey, ALB (Advanced Legal), Sol Ledger, and Law Ware. If you use a different system, we bet we know that too – and if we don't, we'll get to know it!

Unfortunately, we can't manage international accounts. We can handle multi-currency accounts but only for businesses that are based within the UK.

The turnaround time for financial reports depends on the complexity of the reports requested. We aim to have month-end reports prepared within 5 working days of receiving the final information. Bespoke reports can be done as quickly as 1 day, depending on complexity.

Our onboarding process starts with a telephone or face-to-face meeting to help us understand your needs and find out more about your software and procedures. Once we have this information, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote and issue our contract and terms of business.

Once these documents are signed, we’ll start gathering relevant information and request access to your bank and accounts software. Then we can start designing bespoke processes tailored to you, and finally implement them!

In most cases, we’ll need access to some or all of the following systems:

  1. Bank account – Please ensure access is restricted to viewing payments only, or setting them up if you have opted for this service. We should never have authority to release/authorise payments.
  2. Land registry – Please provide us with your username and password so that we can access your VDD Statements from the portal.
  3. Search providers – If you use any other search providers, please provide access so we can retrieve statements.
  4. Card payment portal – If you take card payments, please provide access to receipt statements for reconciliation.
  5. Accounts software / Case management system (CMS) – We will need a user profile to access this throughout the day. If you’re using an RDP connection, please arrange access with your IT provider.

Our minimum contract length is 12 months. This ensures a sustained and beneficial partnership, and allows adequate time for our services to make a meaningful impact on your financial processes. We also offer temporary cashiering cover with a minimum contract length of 1 week to help cover holidays, maternity leave and other absences.

Fees are due at the start of each month and should be paid via direct debit.

Yes, you’ll be allocated a primary and secondary cashier during the onboarding process. Your primary cashier will deal with your accounts on a daily basis while your secondary cashier will be available to step in when your primary cashier is on annual leave.

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