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Holden Smith Law Limited x Numero

Holden Smith Law specialises in a wide range of legal services, including Residential Property, Commercial Property, Family Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, and Wills & Probate. Founded with just two solicitors, the firm has been a valued client of Numero since its inception and has experienced significant growth in recent years, expanding to multiple branches and nearly 100 staff members.

The Challenge

As Holden Smith Law expanded, they needed an efficient way to manage their growing financial operations – one that would seamlessly adapt to their expansion without the need to build an in-house accounts department.

The Solution

Holden Smith Law continued to outsource their legal cashiering to Numero! To accommodate their growth, we built a team of cashiers around their business and continued to offer them a comprehensive suite of financial support, providing services such as:


  • Daily reconciliation of all bank accounts.
  • Advising and processing of funds received.
  • Checking and setting up bank payments from clients and office.
  • Handling daily ledger queries from fee earners.
  • Facilitating client-to-office transfers.
  • Posting and billing Land Registry Fees.
  • Recording nominal and purchase ledger transactions.
  • Generating monthly compliance reports for COFA.
  • Providing branch accounting and management reports.
  • Creating bespoke reports for management.
  • Managing payroll journals across multiple branches.
  • Conducting monthly accounts cleanup and identifying potential breaches or future breaches of SRA rules.


Our dedicated team of outsourced legal cashiers seamlessly integrated into Holden Smith Law’s day-to-day operations. By passing the majority of their financial responsibilities to Numero, they’ve avoided the need to hire, train, and manage a team of in-house legal cashiers.

The Results

By taking the time to understand their unique needs, Numero continues to provide Holden Smith Law with tailored solutions that benefit their legal practices. Some of these benefits include:

Scalability: We continuously adapt our processes to accommodate Holden Smith Law’s changing needs. This means their services remain efficient and effective, while we take care of the accounts.

Cost Savings: By outsourcing their legal cashiering to Numero, Holden Smith Law continues to save on office space, recruitment, training, salary, pension, and tax expenses.

Risk Mitigation: We’ve helped to mitigate the risks associated with hiring and managing an in-house team of legal cashiers, such as high staff turnover and keeping up with compliance.

Flexibility: Holden Smith Law can handle market fluctuations with ease. We provide more capacity during spikes in workload and scale down during market downturns to ensure a stress-free accounts department that moves with their business.

Personalised Service: We maintain an open line of communication with Holden Smith Law at all times so that they stay in the loop about their finances.

Our partnership with Holden Smith Law Limited has proven to be a strategic and cost-effective solution for them. By outsourcing their accounts to Numero, they’re able to focus on delivering their core legal services and continuing to grow and thrive in the competitive legal landscape, while we handle all of the complexities of legal cashiering.

“We have worked with Numero since our inception in 2019. As a small firm at the time we relied on their expertise to help design our accounts processes for the firm and provide cashiering services to keep us compliant.

Over the years we have grown and our processes remain as robust as day one thanks to Numero. They have allowed us to grow quickly without ever needing to worry about the accounts and the fluctuating capacity loads. Always being on hand to provide assistance when needed.

I would recommend Numero to any law firm looking to outsource their accounts, whether they are a large or small firm. They are an integral part of Holden Smith.”

Dave Bancroft (Director)

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