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Top tips for legal professionals working remotely

Business, Law - 05/08/2021

Since the pandemic began, remote working has significantly increased across all sectors. The legal industry is no exception. According to a survey carried out by Weekly 10, over 80% of workers in the UK’s legal sector worked remotely in 2020. And despite easing covid restrictions, remote working (in varying capacities) is here to stay. 

In a field that’s always been very people-oriented, law firms are facing new challenges to ensure their clients are getting the services they need. 

In light of this, we’ve come up with some top tips for legal professionals who are still working from home. 

Avoid the dreaded buffer icon

A good internet connection is essential for remote legal services to operate smoothly and securely. Not only is it important for workflow and productivity, it’s essential for client care as well. If your internet connection is unstable, important client meetings might be interrupted or even missed.

Dress for the office

Although lockdown stopped many people meeting face-to face, technology allowed us to do the next best thing – video conferencing and other virtual meetings. Which means there’s no loophole to work in your pyjamas! Dressing as if you’re at the office will help maintain professionalism with your clients and colleagues. 

Having a tidy background is also important to stay professional. You don’t want laundry or an unmade bed to distract clients and colleagues.

Dressing for work even if you’re not leaving the house has also been found to aid productivity. It puts you in the working mindset, which can keep you focused despite not being in your usual working environment.  

Limit distractions

If you’re working from home, distractions are almost inevitable. You’re in your usual leisure environment, you might be living with other people who aren’t working, or you’re just out of your usual routine. Factors that all contribute to distraction during working hours. 

Try to have a space that’s solely designated for work. Organise your desk, separate yourself from common distractions like the television. Little things like this can do wonders for your productivity.

Stay available

One of the most important aspects of a lawyer-client relationship is open communication. That can still be done with remote working. But sometimes, an e-mail exchange might be too long for clients who need immediate answers. 

Tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Slack are eating away at the email titan and offering workers an instant and more informal chat option. The ability to instantly respond to questions and queries has largely overcome the challenge of maintaining rapport between firms and their clients.

Invest in the right tools

Digital working requires different tools. Being newer to the remote working environment, legal professionals may not be as familiar with the digital tools and processes they need to keep their firms running smoothly. 

From accounting software to digital security, there are a lot of bases law firms need to cover to ensure everything is kept confidential and organised.

When it comes to legal cashiering and digital accounts, Numero can help. It’s our job to work closely with you, so that you can focus on keeping your firm operating smoothly. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.

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