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What makes a great bookkeeper for your business?

Bookkeeping, Business - 24/11/2020

Bookkeeping is a skilled profession. However, trusting someone with the management of your accounts can seem like a daunting prospect. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you choose the right bookkeeper for your business.

Here, we take a look at the qualities that make a great bookkeeper, and why it makes sound business sense to outsource the accounts. 


As with any profession, it’s important that you work with a bookkeeper who has the appropriate level of expertise. While you don’t need to focus solely on degree level qualifications, it certainly helps if they’ve acquired some qualifications and expertise in the field.   

In this technological age, being able to keep up to date with new technologies within the industry is fundamental to building expertise. Gone are the days of calculator, paper and pen. Today, bookkeepers need far more than their own mathematical prowess. They require in-depth knowledge of the softwares and systems that your business is using. That’s because with more technology comes more complexity. It’s important that your bookkeepers are able to adapt and keep up. 

The right skills

There are a number of skills essential to being a successful bookkeeper. These include organisation, efficiency and attention to detail. Organisation is key to nearly all professions, no matter the industry or sector. Bookkeeping is no exception to that rule. There are multiple client accounts to organise and different deadlines to meet. All whilst being aware of the very latest in compliance and regulation. 

Efficiency is equally as vital. A good bookkeeper knows how to use their time well. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, and we all know that they pass quickly. The best bookkeepers keep an organised schedule. They know how to prioritise and allocate their time. Anything less than this from your bookkeeper will lead to lower productivity and a lower quality of work. Neither of which work for for the success of your business. 

Last but by no means least, is attention to detail. When it comes to your accounts, mistakes aren’t what you need. Let’s be clear, something as seemingly minuscule as the misplacement of a decimal point can cause big problems. Skilled bookkeepers work carefully and attentively.

Your customer service

Bookkeeping is first and foremost a relationship business. Your bookkeeper can have the most in-depth expertise possible, it won’t matter if they’re unable to liaise with your clients and fit into your team. Good bookkeepers are polite, professional and conscientious. They’re people you and your clients can trust. Very importantly, bookkeepers must show a level of ethical conduct that reassures your clients that you will deal with their information appropriately and discreetly.

There are lots of qualities needed to be a good bookkeeper, ours have them in abundance. At Numero Accounts, we know how important it is that your clients are happy with the services you provide. We’re here to help with that. By outsourcing the accounts, you’ll benefit from an extension to your team, without the hassle. Outsourcing is accounts made easy. 

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