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Why is communication so important in bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping - 16/06/2022

Communication is an important skill to develop in any industry. For bookkeepers, it’s essential to communicate well with clients. 

Bookkeepers are managing one of the most important aspects of a business: the accounts. Ultimately, communication can make the difference between respectful client relationships and a string of misunderstandings. 

We’re taking you through some of the key reasons why communication is so important in bookkeeping, both for the client and for the bookkeeper.

It builds trust

The accounts are an essential part of running any company. They need to get done, and they need to get done properly. Clients are trusting their bookkeepers with one of the building blocks of their business. 

A bookkeeper can’t build that sense of trust without communicating clearly. Their clients need to know they’ll work well together, that they’ll be the right fit for their business. They need to communicate how they’ll get the job done, why they should work with them, what their values are and what’s important. That way, when a bookkeeper does offer advice and solutions, clients will feel comfortable knowing it’s the right choice for them.

A good bookkeeper will always be thought of as an extension of the team.  And just as you’d communicate with team members, clients need to be able to communicate with their bookkeepers. That means communicating thoughts and ideas, contributing to decisions, and being proactive about the business’s future. 

Bookkeepers need to show they have their clients’ best interests at heart. That can’t happen without clear communication. It’s about developing a relationship with the client.  If you can communicate ‘with empathy’ you’ll be able to network with clients, colleagues and other contacts in order to do your job effectively. Which at the end of the day, is what everyone wants.

You need to be 100% clear

Accuracy is non-negotiable when it comes to bookkeeping. A bookkeeper needs to be able to give clients a completely clear picture of their accounts, so they can make the right decisions for their business. Communication is key here. It’s no good having all the answers if you’re unable to communicate them properly. Clients need to have a thorough understanding of their financial situation.

That means avoiding jargon where possible too. To be effective, accounting information must make sense and be understood. Otherwise it’s just a list of numbers with no real significance. Good communication is about making sure everyone in the room understands what’s being said. It’s all well and good sounding like an expert, but it’s not going to help clients get a clear picture of their accounts. It can lead to confusion, or worse, mistakes that cause a lot of damage to their business. 

Communication isn’t just verbal, either. Non-verbal communication such as account report writing also needs to be 100% clear. This method of informing both fellow team members and clients of the exact state of things is important in an industry where even minor miscommunications can lead to major mistakes.

Working with Numero

At Numero, we always put client care at the centre of everything we do. That means keeping clients in the loop consistently, and being an extension of your team that communicates down to the letter. 

To find out more about working with us, give us a call today.

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